Handcrafted Treasures from Africa
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Creative Copper

This beautiful  jewellery is hand finished by burnishing and heat treating to get the earthly colours which make it so unique.

Copper and brass has been used by Africans for self adornment since 500 B.C. In wearing this jewellery we hope it will help you capture the spirit of this vast continent. Simple yet complex , ancient yet modern , this copper and brass jewellery is inspired by the Ndebele culture whose art has played such a prominent part of their everyday lives.

Ethnic_Handcrafted_Jewellery  Handcrafted Copper and Brass Jewellery  Handcrafted Brass Bangles

We are proud to extend this beautiful range into our unique Tableware, Candlestick and Silverware Collections. The home of these handcrafted products is situated in the hills surrounding the picturesque White River in Mpumalanga.

Our continued dedication to quality means exceptional hand crafted fashion accessories it also means humane working conditions for the people who produce them. We go out of our way to ensure our workers know they are an integral part of the operation so they too reflect the brand.

Today we are able to offer suitable employment to 50 wonderful people of which 30 are women and 4 are disabled. Lifeskill training is top priority here and we  are continually  training our workers to understand and broaden their horizons on subjects like: computer literacy, fire fighting, first aid, hygiene , HIV / AIDS, abuse to women, budgeting, wills, nutrition, banking and assurance.

If you're looking for that unusual gift, a special piece of home decoration or would like to host an African Dream party (10% commission on goods sold on the night) then get in touch.. Call +447735 416692 or contact us.