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About Us

African Gifts and Ethic Art

African Dream was set up after the tragic death of my husband Kevin in Cape Town November 2nd 2007.

African Dream has been featured in several newspapers and magazine articles, a nominee for Knowsley Business Awards, and the owner Kathleen has been nominated for “Woman of the Year” for Merseyside and Sefton.


Our beautiful ethnic beaded jewellery is handcrafted in Kenya by a co-op of 4 women who were given a small sum of money from one of the orphanages I support. The selling of this jewellery is their only form of income, one of the women is a grandmother who supports her 4 grandchildren who have been orphaned through AIDS. The women have received a fair price for the jewellery they make. By purchasing this jewellery you are truly making a difference to their lives

Wooden and Stone Products

Our products made from stone and wood  are handcrafted, unique, and of very high quality so you will find all dimensions and weights stated are for guidance only. It is normal for product dimensions and weight to vary as the artist make the best use of a piece of stone or wood to handcraft an item to the required shape and size with minimal wastage, colours will vary from one piece to another because material used are natural.  The products are made by master artist whose skills have been passed from father to son for generations. The men normally source the wood or stone for the artifact to be handcrafted, the women help by  prepare the stone or wood, mix the pigments, and also paint and polish the artifact, please note that the designs on the stoneware are etched into the stone using a small knife called a kisu and not just painted on. This process takes time and skill as the designs are intricate. Images of the carvers at work can be seen under “Who we support”


If you're looking for that unusual gift, a special piece of home decoration or would like to host an African Dream party (10% commission on goods sold on the night) then get in touch.. Call +447735 416692 or contact us.